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About Us

I'm Jeff Cooper and I started 2XS Rocks (then called 'radio2XS') back in 2002, along with several other experienced broadcasters and committed music fans. I had previously run the radio shows '2XS' and 'XS'. Read our full history here. And there's also the necessary legal stuff here - should you be interested!

What we do

We select music which we believe is a greater reflection of the past 60 Years Of Rock & Roll than you will hear elsewhere. We all have backgrounds in music radio and we believe in the music we play - which is pretty rare in radio these days. We think of ourselves less as a 'rock' station and more a 'rock & roll' station. Our tastes are pretty catholic, but guitar-based music accounts for around 85% of what we play, with the remainder coming from other heritage styles which it has absorbed. So, you'll hear some country-rock, but not country & western; you'll hear real soul and r&b from the 50s, 60s and 70s, but not today's synthetic 'urban' version; you'll hear some ska, bluebeat and reggae but not dancehall; pioneer rappers and poets like Grandmaster Flash, Linton Kwesi-Johnson and Gil Scott-Heron, but no gangsta... etc, etc!