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How To Listen

Our website is now a 'Progressive Web App' (PWA). This means that if you are using an up-to-date modern browser like Opera, Chrome, Edge, etc, you can save the site as an App on most PCs and mobiles. To do this, look at the browser's menu (or the three dots at the top, depending on the version) and look for an option like 'save as an App', or 'save to home screen'. 2XS Rocks will then be saved to your device and will operate just like a downloaded App. As far as which browser to use is concerned, most like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Epic, Opera, etc (but not Firefox, Safari) are now just variants of the open-source Chromium project, so there's not much to choose between them. They all work well on Android mobiles. (Our site does not behave properly with Edge or Chrome on an iPad, although it's fine on MacPros, etc, and on Safari.)

On the move (car, bus, train)
As above, using your smartphone or other device, you can listen via this website, which automatically becomes a mobile-friendly App on phones and tablets. Audio streams only use a modest amount of data, but ensure your mobile package includes enough. In the car, plug the audio into the auxiliary socket and you'll be impressed by our sound quality: it's much better than DAB radio stations.

What about Tune-in, etc?
We'd ask you to avoid sites like TuneIn, Audials, vTuner, etc, if possible. They are aggregator 'parasites' who relay our broadcasts without payment, and then sell music based our song lists. For this reason, we occasionally remove song information from our streams, but it's always available here.

At home with an Internet Radio

If you have broadband and WiFi, you can listen to 2XS with an Internet Radio, just as you would with FM or DAB. There are loads of excellent all-rounders with coverage of all bands and we used to recommend the Roberts 'Stream 94i', but we've had a lot of unreliability with ours. The Pure 'Evoke' is cheaper - and more reliable. Be wary of devices branded as 'digital radio' as they often only have DAB - make sure it says 'Internet Radio'. DAB audio quality is generally awful - and many music stations are in mono!

Our broadcasts are now 'secure streams' and although most databases are up-to-date, if we are missing, you might need to switch off your radio at the power supply, wait a few seconds, power it on again and then refresh the station list. If this doesn't work, visit the manufacter's website and ask them to update our details, as below:

Secure 'SSL' stream https://2xs.rocks:8443/2XS
Non-secure stream http://2xs.rocks:8502/2XS

If your radio allows you to add a 'stream' of your own, add '2XS Rocks' and enter one of those URLs, depending on which your radio system prefers. Please be aware that it is no longer possible to update 'Reciva'-powered radios since the Reciva system was closed down on 30 April 2021: those radios are now just large doorstops.

At home with a PC

Just listen with the 'Play' button at the top of this page. If you prefer, you can also use standalone players like Foobar2000, MusicBee, VLC, iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc, by using the links above.

Don't forget to connect the audio output of your PC, etc, to your stereo system to hear us in superb near-CD quality. You'll probably need a "3.5mm minijack-to-phono/RCA" cable for home use, or a "3.5mm minijack-to-3.5mm minijack" for the 'auxiliary' socket in your car.