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From 'The Nearer The Fountain, More Pure The Stream Flows' (2021)
This is the former Mr Blur's second solo album, and a truly inspired work. It includes this equally wonderful single...

Albarn spoke about his new album, and how he decided to create the album to lift him out of the "storms" of the outside world and the coronavirus pandemic.

"Obviously March came last year and that was the end of everything," he said. "What I was left with was all of this great rehearsal recording from just a mic in the room. I just felt like the beginning of this year was so grim and I had to do something to lift me out of those, I wouldn't call doldrums, but storms - those terrible north wind storms that you get down by the sea in Devon sometimes. They come down off the Atlantic from Greenland, they spin round, and they're brutal." He added that, with the album, he has "tried to nail everything into some kind of cohesive meditation about particles, now and the future."