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The 2XS Rocks Studios

Our studios are located in Chesterfield, a small market town in central England, on the edge of the Peak District National Park. This is how they look today...

We use a combination of audio mixers and software editors to compile and edit the music and spots.

The final mix is streamed through a broadcast processor and sent to our servers in Moscow. We moved there because they are extremely reliable, fast and inexpensive. We have previously broadcast from both Germany and Italy with good results, but using servers in the USA proved to be unreliable.

In common with most other media operations, over the years our equipment has changed from racks of bulky hardware, to a largely computer-based set-up. This is how it all looked back in 2002...

... and even more different in 1988 with our predecessor, LBC Music Radio, in Italy and Switzerland. Not a PC in sight...!